Fourth generation
In January 2009, Roy and Jan-Willem join the company of Gebr. Rotteveel and form the fourth generation of Rotteveel in the company. On this moment, perennials in 9 and 11 cm pots are cultivated for wholesales, garden centers, colleague-nurseries and gardeners.
In 1993, Gebr. Rotteveel stopped the cultivation of bulbs and cut flowers. From now on, the full focus is on the cultivation of perennials in pots. The cultivation of perennials in the open field destined for export activities and as plant material continues.
This year, for the first time perennials are cultivated. As well in open field as in pots. Gradually, more and more perennials are grown and the cultivation of bulbs decreases. As well, cut flowers are still cultivated, like Gladiolus, Paeony, and Phlox.
Gebr. Rotteveel
Sons of H.H. Rotteveel, Gerard and Kees, join the company and continue the cultivation of several varieties of bulbs under the name Gebr. Rotteveel. As a sideline to the cultivation of bulbs, now also several cut flowers are cultivated, like Gladiolus.
Removal G.H. Rotteveel & Zn.
Because the soil on the location in Oude-Wetering turned out to be not optimal for the cultivation of bulbs, there was started to search for a more suitable location. This was found in 'het Langeveld', which was an area of dunes in this period.
By digging of this dune area, the soil became perfectly suitable for the cultivation of several varieties of bulbs.
Henk Rotteveel established the first new company in this area on the Langevelderlaan under the name of G.H. Rotteveel & Zn in this period. Narcissus and Tulips where cultivated and especially Narcissus received special attention and was breeded frequently.
G.H. Rotteveel & Zn.
In 1938, Gerrit Rotteveel started the cultivation of bulbs as sideline to the livestock. Together with his son Henk Rotteveel, they cultivated especially Narcissus. In this period the company was based in Oude-Wetering.