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Welcome to the website of perennial nursery Gebr. Rotteveel. This website gives you the possibility to discover our perennial nursery in a short time.

Perennial nursery Gebr. Rotteveel is specialized in the professional cultivation of perennials in square 9 and 11 cm pots. The required young plants for the cultivation in pots are mainly product of own plant propagation.

Healthy, well-rooted and always genuine variety
are the main features of cultivated plants at Gebr. Rotteveel.


The perennials are distributed to consumers by wholesales, colleague-nurseries, garden centers and gardeners. As well, the plants are used as young plants for the cultivation of perennials in bigger sized pots.

As an existing customer or new customer we like to refer to our product list. Here, you always find the recent range of perennials that are cultivated. Not all plants in the catalogue are available at any time, you are always free to contact us about this.

As a client or customer, we hope our perennials can be a big pleasure to you. Now and in the future.


To get an quick impression of our company we would suggest to have a look at our pictures.


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Gebr. Rotteveel